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Questionnaire to All Anglican Provinces

not dated; early 1970s

Author(s): ARCCM
Dated: 1973

Protocol number: ARCIC-sf-7
Fonds/Collections: ARCIC-I (Working correspondence)
Lambeth Library: ARCIC/1/SUPP/7
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Anglican-Roman Catholic Commission on the Theology of Marriage

Questionnaire to All Anglican Provinces

You are asked to answer shortly and as far as possible by quoting the canons or regulations of your Church.

1. What is the communicant status of those who marry divorced persons, or who are themselves divorced and re-marry during the lifetime of their previous partners?

2. Do your state laws conflict with your canons or regulations?

3. Have you any cermony or blessing for those who re-marry during the lifetimes of previous partners?

4. Do you regard your rules about the re-married as based on biblical foundations?

5. Is the administration of marriage disciple becoming easier or more difficult and what are the chief difficulties?

6. Have you canons or regulations regarding nullity, or have you to rely upon the judgements of secular courts?

7. Is there a desire to use nullity more? or less?

8. Do you find difficculties where Roman Catholic discipline differs from your own?

9. What are your re-actions to Roman Catholic regulations for inter-church marriages? Do you think they are interpreted sympathetically or harshly?

10. What conditions do you demand for church weddings?