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Abp. Donald Coggan

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Frederick Donald Coggan, born 1909, Bishop of Bradford 1956-1961; Archbishop of York 1961-1975; Archbishop of Canterbury 1975-1980, died 2000.


Letters, addresses, & greetings

Miscellaneous documents

Draft of a letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Cardinal Willebrands
Abp. Donald Coggan ~ 3 Feb. 1976
Brief letter to Bishop John Howe
Abp. Donald Coggan ~ 5 Feb. 1976
Letter to Cardinal Willebrands
Abp. Donald Coggan ~ 9 Feb. 1976
Letter to Mgr. Moeller
Abp. Donald Coggan ~ 5 Oct. 1976
Sermon in Westminster Cathedral
Abp. Donald Coggan ~ 25 Jan. 1978 ~ ARCIC-sf-19C