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God so Loved the World
Unity, Faith & Order Papers No. 2 & 3

Incorporating IASCUFO Paper No. 3, The Divine Gift and Call to Humanity: An Anglican Theological Anthropology and IASCUFO Paper No. 4, God’s Sovereignty and Our Salvation: An Anglican Theological Statement, published together in 2021.

Paper 3 presents an Anglican theological understanding of what it is to be human. This is a statement that is both beautiful and profound. It states why people matter. It says that humans have a God-given dignity, and that to fail to acknowledge human dignity opens the way to many of the evil and violent things that afflict humanity. The paper sets out the importance of Christ for understanding why justice matters, both for creation, and for all people. It is a theological vision with massive moral implications.

Paper 4 rebuts the temptation in some places to question or even deny that other Christians are saved in and by Christ. It affirms that judgment belongs to God alone, and that nobody has the capacity or right to call into question the spiritual status of anyone else.

Author(s): IASCUFO
Dated: 2021
Protocol: Unity, Faith & Order Papers No. 2 & 3
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Inter-Anglican Standing Committee on Unity Faith and Order. "God so Loved the World", Unity, Faith & Order Papers No. 2 & 3 (2021).