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Instruments, Gifts, Signs and Stewardship

This paper builds upon Towards a Symphony of Instruments, a document on the four Instruments of Communion presented by IASCUFO to ACC-15 in Auckland, NZ, in 2013. The focus of this new paper is a positive approach to the Instruments as gifts for deepening the life of the Anglican Communion; and as signs of God’s grace for the building up the fellowship of Anglican Churches as part of the world-wide body of Christ. The Instruments of Communion are made up of people with their gifts, graces and frailties. Because of this the Instruments require the care and attention of trusted servants who act as stewards of the Instruments of Communion. This aspect is developed in the last section of this paper.

Author(s): IASCUFO
Dated: 2013
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Inter-Anglican Standing Committee on Unity Faith and Order. "Instruments, Gifts, Signs and Stewardship" (2013).

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