Why is Anglican/Roman Catholic Dialogue Possible Today?

The author of the paper suggests three reasons for initiating a dialogue between the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church:
1) we have gone on long enough in our separate compartments, pp. 1-2.
2) the Roman attitude towards the problem of Christian Unity has changed very much in the last five years (three papal utterances in 1943 (Mystici Corporis § 102), 1959 John XXIII (Ad Petri Cathedram § 58), 1964 Paul VI and Christian Unity, 2.
3) the change of spiritual climate (theological as well as ecclesiological) 3-4.

Reasons which justify the special attention and care of the Roman Catholic Church to the Anglican Communion: by and large Romans and Anglicans talk in the same language and think in the same terms.

The third task of the Revd Bishop of Ripon is to look at the prospect of the dialogue from the point of view of the Anglican communion, pp 7-8; stages of the Anglican Communion towards the dialogue. In 1947 the unity between some churches which became detached from the Anglican Communion in order to become part of a united Church which included Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists pp. 6-7, the results of the Nottingham Conference in 1964: all the member Churches of the British Council of Churches should strive to reach some form of organic unity by 1980, p. 7; three possibilities in order to explore the reunion with the great Latin Church of the West, 7.

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