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Address of Pope Paul VI to the Archbishop of Canterbury
Author(s): Paul VI
Dated: 23 Mar. 1966
Event: Visit of Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Michael Ramsey to Pope Paul VI, Rome, 23-24 March 1966

Fonds/Collections: Fraternal visits between Popes and Archbishops of Canterbury (Letters, addresses, & greetings); Pope, Bishop of Rome (Letters, addresses, & greetings)

To cite this document:
Paul VI. "Address of Pope Paul VI to the Archbishop of Canterbury" (Rome, 23 Mar. 1966). Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue.

    The document may be found in the following formats and locations:

  • The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Visit to Rome, March 1966 (Westminster: Church House, 1966), p. 9
  • Italiano ~ (
  • Latin ~ (
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