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Some Notes on “Teaching Authority and Infallibility in the Church”

Bp. Butler’s notes address aspects of the U.S. Lutheran-Roman Catholic agreed statement of 1978. The agreed statement is available along with study papers in: Lutheran-Roman Catholic Dialogue in the U.S.A., Teaching Authority & Infallibility in the Church, Lutherans and Catholics in Dialogue VI, ed. by Paul C. Empie, T. Austin Murphy, and Joseph A. Burgess (Minneapolis: Augsburg Publishing House, 1978).

The Lutheran-Roman Catholic agreed statement was also published in Theological Studies 40, no. 1 (March 1979): 113-166. It is this edition that Bp. Butler’s notes reference.

Author(s): Christopher Butler
Dated: 27 July 1979

Protocol number: ARCIC-204A
Fonds/Collections: ARCIC-I (Study papers)
Lambeth Library: ARCIC/1/204A
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