Inter-Anglican Standing Committee on Ecumenical Relations (IASCER)

An excerpt from The Vision Before Us, The Kyoto Report of IASCER, 2000-2008:

The genesis of the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations lies in the Lambeth Conference of 1998 and, before that, the tenth meeting of the ACC in Panama, in October 1996, since the ACC has within its Constitution a specific responsibility for ecumenism.

The Ecumenical Advisory Group (IASCER’s precursor) submitted to the ACC its first draft of the Agros Report, summarising ‘the richness and diversity of ecumenical life in the Anglican Communion’ so that, revised in the light of the ACC’s comments, it could be forwarded as a resource to the 1998 Lambeth Conference. In this report, the Ecumenical Advisory Group proposed that the Group be replaced by a standing commission with a new and fuller mandate. The ACC endorsed this recommendation:

ACC-10 Resolution 16: Agros Report:

Replacement of the Ecumenical Advisory Group by an Inter-Anglican Standing Commission

Resolved that this ACC endorses the proposal contained in the Agros Report that the Ecumenical Advisory Group be replaced by an Inter- Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations following the Lambeth Conference, whose tasks would be:

This report and resolution then came before Lambeth 1998, and contributed to the comprehensive review of Anglicanism’s ecumenical vocation conducted by Section IV of the Conference, under the heading Called to Be One.4 More than twenty resolutions were passed as a result of the Section’s work (some of which are referred to in later chapters). These included an affirmation of the proposed commission, together with a summary description of the work which the commentary within Called to Be One proposed it might address:

Lambeth Conference 1998: Resolution IV.3: An Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations

This Conference

As a result, in Nassau on Advent Sunday 2000, Archbishop Drexel Gomez (as Chair) and Canon David Hamid, the Anglican Communion’s Director of Ecumenical Affairs (Secretary) sat down for the first time with some 14 of 15 appointees, to begin the work of IASCER.

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